EXPO 2010

EXPO 2010

We are implementers of supporting programs for the Czech pavilion at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. It's a great honor for us. We trust and due to response from the international media as follows, that our work on the biggest world exhibition is a success. We implement accompanying street programs under the brand associations VOSA.

Project is as alive hologramical theatrical poster, which will draw on the Czech Pavilion. Aim is to take a quick glance, but even if it should be viewing hour. You want him back, because it is always a bit different, then you can find his third dimension.

High-dreaming... ...

Dream of a flying machine, dream of „middle-land-man" about the sea, a bit bizarre characters on special „move´s machines" be playing a series of small stories about interpersonal relationships. They are in constant motion, as individual atoms generate a micro-molecules of human desire.

Keyhole we view the world insisting attractive. We see unrecognized Edison ride the Tour de France on the paddleboat, crossing the Canal La Manche in small ferry boat, projecting on Snezka barefoot in the summer ...

Run to exhaustion, to laugh with pain, watching the sun without sunglasses, dive as deep as possible, do exactly what I want. As a bride seeking for ice cream, serving as a waiter at a pedestrian crossing, as Don Quixote 21st century ...
Pageant unique performance accompanied by live music and unique sounds of city. High acrobatics, juggling elements, pantomime and imagination

Just now

Prague Juggling Marathon coming soon!

PŽM (Prague Juggling Marathon) starts this weekend (12.-14.11. 2010) and for whom, who are looking forward to announced competition we reveal different categories so train, practice, awards are attractive.


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