Carnivals and pageants

Carnivals and pageants

Carnivals were traditionally organized in the time that imminently preceded the period of the long Lent, which means in some kind of "no time" between Christmas and Mardi Gras. From of old the figure marching and pageants were not only tolerated, but sought-after form of "institutionalized rebellion", festivity, which indeed had their own strict rules, order, sense and meaning. Different other forms of street performances and pageants are known from the antique period and in transformed shape they outlasted till Medieval Age and Early Renaissance. Popular entertainment were not seldom mixed with educational mission of the Church. Currently we talk about carnival mainly as of the form of the street art, interactive social entertainment, unrestrained abreaction, which indeed could have high artistic level. Rio, Venice, but now also Prague or Karlovy Vary ....


Carnival in the city of Karlovy Vary


We can prepare Pageants and Parades thematically, or forcefully to rejoicings and playfulness. We are able to make or borrow number of puppets, masks, original costumes or allegorical carriages, which revives your street. We can also engage in a parade the inhabitants of your city. Combination of large puppets with live music conjures smile on the face of both: children and adults.

Just now

Prague Juggling Marathon coming soon!

PŽM (Prague Juggling Marathon) starts this weekend (12.-14.11. 2010) and for whom, who are looking forward to announced competition we reveal different categories so train, practice, awards are attractive.


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